Michelin Tracker 120/90-18 Rear Tyre

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Michelin Tracker 120/90-18 Tyre suits off-road trail and enduro riders of all kinds of terrain. The Tracker is a tyre that suits dual-sport, road legal trail, off-road and enduro riders who enjoy sand, mud and dirt. Whether you're training, or just playing off-road for fun the Tracker is perfect for almost any terrain - and it's approved for use on the road.

To cover the requirements of amateur competitors, as well as those who use their bike for practice or leisure purposes, it is designed to cover a particularly broad spectrum of terrains. Thanks to its new tread pattern design, its resilience and the outstanding grip it delivers, the Michelin Tracker is perfectly suited to riding on sand, mud and dirt. It is approved for road use, too, making it the ideal fitment for road legal, enduro and trail bikes like the Yamaha WR-F 450 and the Suzuki DR-Z 400. 

The Michelin Tracker’s strength, performance, versatility and affordable price tag are sure to appeal to a high number of off-road enthusiasts, and the technologies it packs stand to win over the most exacting bikers. Careful attention has notably been paid to its tread pattern and crown which has been reinforced to shrug off the knocks associated with off-road riding. 

The design of the Michelin Tracker’s innovative tread pattern ensures outstanding traction and braking performance in even the toughest conditions. The tie bars that connect the blocks provide added protection and upgraded resistance to impact, while the new tyre’s two-ply construction combines reduced weight with superior ride comfort and directional precision.

Michelin Tracker 120/90-18 Rear Tyre Features

  • A fabulous cocktail! Developed using Michelin’s expertise in Enduro and MotoCross, this tyre is pure pleasure! Suitable for Enduro, MotoCross and Trails … spend your time riding, not changing your tyres to suit the terrain!
  • Focused on grip. A wear-resistant multidirectional tread to maintain stable performance as the tyres wear. Dynamic tread blocks have been developed to increase traction and braking performance.
  • Multi-directional. Both front and rear tyres are reversible allowing the possibility of turning the tyres as they wear to present fresh, sharp edges to improve grip and penetration when directional tyres would need changing.

Michelin Tracker Tyre Recommended Pressures

Dependent on the terrain, weather conditions, the motorcycle power and the rider’s level of skill.

  • Front 1.2 bar (17.5 psi) (min 15 psi)
  • Rear 1.2 bar (17.5 psi) (min 15 psi)

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