Lezyne Micro Floor Drive XL

Regular price $99.95

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive XL (Fatty) is a portable hand pump with floor pump capabilities developed to efficiently inflate fat bike tyres.

Finally... a pump that doesn't use up your lunch hour inflating a tyre! This will be your best friend.

Features of the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive XL

  • The pump has CNC-machined aluminium construction, which keeps its weight to a minimum without sacrificing durability.
  • An extra-large, high volume barrel produces large amounts of air with each pump and can inflate tyres up to 35 psi
  • A long, integrated hose and a stainless steel foot peg improves pumping efficiency and reduces trailside downtime
  • The alloy tyre chuck is compatible with both Presta and Shrader valves and threads into the pump's base for optimal storage.
  • All alloy parts hard anodised for long service
  • The fatty pump is approx 3 times the volume per stroke than the next pump down and 4 times of a standard pump
  • A bleeder valve on the tyre chuck

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