Kriega OS-Base Dirtbike

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The Kriega OS-Base for Dirtbikes is an 'over the seat harness' made to fit lightweight enduro motorcycles and dirt bikes. Designed to be a perfect fit on the latest lightweight enduro bikes with a custom shape and specific fitting hardware. It is made to mount OS-6, OS-12, or OS-18 ADVENTURE PACKS as soft panniers, with no need for metal frames or racks. This system provides a super-tough, lightweight carrying solution, with only slight bodywork alterations needed. The fitting hardware gives the flexibility to mount a one, two, or three-pack set-up, depending on your ride. The set-length straps make mounting quick and easy, and the custom shape provides a tight, secure fit with plenty of distance from the exhaust. It takes less than a minute to mount and just seconds to remove it.

Features of the Kriega OS-Base Dirtbike

  • Carrying capacity from 12L to 54L with centre pack mounting option.
  • Heavy-duty Hypalon construction.
  • Quick & easy to put on/take off.
  • Reinforced stitching on all stress points.
  • Aircraft grade alloy hooks.
  • Non-slip cam buckles.
  • Includes 2 x OS-DIRTBIKE RINGS.
  • Includes 4 x OS-RACK LOOPS
  • Includes 1 x Silicone Heat Shield
  • Weight: OS-BASE + Fitting Kit 1150g


  • 2 x OS-DIRTBIKE RINGS attach to the main bike frame near to the footpegs. Designed to be left on the bike when not using the OS-BASE, they provide an easy access mounting solution for the front straps.
  • 4 x OS-RACK LOOPS provide 4 hook-on points for a stand alone OS-PACK or US-Drypack or used in conjunction with the additional loops on the OS-BASE they provide various mounting points for a 3 x bag set-up. The rear 2 x OS-RACK LOOPS provide a strong and safe mounting location for the rear straps.
  • 1 x SILICONE HEAT SHIELD provides a safe barrier from the exhaust. It simply mounts to the silencer using the two zip-ties provided.


Even though most of the OS-BASE mounts on the seat, the sides can rub against the plastic side panels of the bike, resulting in minor abrasion. This can be further exaggerated if mud and dust get in between the OS-BASE and the plastics. We have included pre-cut clear adhesive protective film with this kit. Over a long period of time this may need to be replaced where abrasion may occur on your motorcycle.

View the fitting instructions for the Kriega OS-Base Dirtbike.

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