Klim Krios Pro Helmet

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The Krios Pro Helmet for adventure riders is Klim's lightweight, feature-rich premium adventure touring helmet offering impact-absorbing Koroyd structure, a full Karbon fibre hand laid shell, full adjustable vents, a transitions photochromic visor, Fid-lock strap closure, anti-microbial moisture-wicking liner, 4 ride modes, goggle compatible, refined aerodynamics and Sena 10U compatible. If you're looking for a top-class adventure riding helmet, you've found it.

The Klim Krios Pro Helmet upgrades the impact performance and ventilation with Koroyd materials and construction. When compressed, the Koroyd materials crush and decelerate the impact energy to reduce head trauma. A full carbon fibre shell with an unmistakable wide carbon weave cuts the weight while still providing a strong shell. A Pinlock-ready face shield along with a Transitions Photochromic lens are included so you can take on various light conditions.

The specially designed visor and spoiler help to stabilize the helmet at speed. A quarter turn release mechanism lets you swap out the face shield and visor quickly and securely so you can go from street configuration to off-road without any tools. Use the Klim Radius Goggles whenever you are running the helmet without the face shield for superb eye protection. 

Klim Krios Pro Helmet Features

  • Full Karbon Fibre hand laid shell
  • Optimized shell resin distribution for weight reduction
  • Koroyd structures crush homogenously for better impact absorption
  • Koroyd energy-absorbing materials/construction
  • Fully adjustable chin/forehead vents
  • Pinlock-ready anti-scratch polycarbonate shield
  • Transitions photochromic lens included
  • Fid-Lock strap closure system
  • Four ride modes: Street, Adventure, Dirt & Trail
  • Goggles compatible with face shield removed
  • Refined aerodynamics, vents, liner system for a quieter ride
  • Visor and spoiler designed for aerodynamic stability
  • ECE/DOT certified
  • Klimatek antimicrobial/moisture-wicking liner
  • Sena 10U compatible
  • Quick-release, no-tool shield and visor
  • Tested and revised by real-world adventure riders

What's In The Box


Spare pinlocks, crown liners, cheek pads, hinge plates, screw sets, replacement clear or transitional visors are available from us too. If you're looking for a SENA that will fit, the SENA 10U bluetooth communications technology was designed specifically for the KLIM® KRIOS Adventure Helmet. Or, check out the rest of our helmets.