IPONE Waterproof Grease 200g

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IPONE WATERPROOF GREASE is a water-resistant lubricant that can even withstand salty water. It is indispensable to maintaining all of the bearings, joints and axles of your motorcycle, as well as other pivots.

Features of the IPONE Waterproof Grease 200g

  • Grease based aluminium complex
  • Water resistant
  • Lubricates and protects against corrosion
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Extreme pressure resistance
  • Prevents breakage and oxidation of parts
  • Good adhesion to moving parts
  • Perfect for bearings, joints, axles and other pivots
  • Durability and efficiency over time

Water resistant mechanical grease

WATERPROOF GREASE greases and prevents water from penetrating which prevents breakage and oxidation of parts. Easy to apply, it has a very good grip on moving parts. Its hold and efficiency are durable over time as it does not fear water (even sea water) or heat and resists extreme pressures.

White coloured grease

Its texture makes it pleasant to handle and its white color is super convenient, you can be sure that you applied the grease everywhere you need to!
Its practical format is transportable. You can easily store the pot in a tool trolley!


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