IPONE Semi-Synthetic Plus Fork Oil 5W

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IPONE Semi-Synthetic Plus Fork Oil 5W is a semi-synthetic lubricant, compatible with all types of forks, for both road and off-road use, designed for regular use.

IPONE has selected the best synthetic bases and additives to guarantee FORK has a low-friction formula, which ensures comfortable driving and improved shock absorption.

Features of the IPONE Semi-Synthetic Plus Fork Oil 5W 1L

  • FORK 5 was developed for soft forks on road and off-road use.
  • No more noises and clicking
  • Handling is significantly improved
  • Maintains its performance at all temperatures
  • Protection against wear and corrosion
  • 1 Litre

No more clicking forks!

FORK keeps its constant damping effect at all temperatures, in all operating conditions, on the road and off-road, from the first turns of the wheel and over time.

Its anti-friction and anti-emulsion additive facilitate sliding, reduces internal friction and thus protects your fork and joints from wear and corrosion.

Lifespan of your suspension extended

Compatible with all fork brands, FORK extends the life of your suspension!

For a precise fork

All our Fork products are adapted to the flexibility of your fork, in order to obtain maximum precision.


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