IPONE Red Road Chain Lube 250ml

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IPONE Red Road Chain Lube 250ml helps your machine stand out from the crowd. RED CHAIN gives an original and colorful touch to your chain. High-end PTFE-based grease for chains subjected to extreme conditions such as mud, dust and high rotation speeds.

Features of the IPONE Red Road Chain Lube 250ml

  • High penetration lubricant spray
  • Leaves a non water-soluble grease for better protection
  • For road use
  • O-X-Z ring compatible
  • Available size 250ml
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-corrosion
  • 250ml

A colourful and well-greased chain!

RED CHAIN perfectly sticks to the chain and dries quickly to avoid projections on the rim. Designed to withstand bad weather, it perfectly preserves the chain kit and provides anti-corrosion protection.


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