IPONE Helmet Kit

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IPONE Helmet Kit is a care pack designed to completely clean your helmet - inside and out - for a complete refresh!

IPONE Helmet Kit contains 3 products and 1 accessory. It is very simple to use and very effective.

  • 1 helmet exterior cleaner
  • 1 helmet interior cleaner
  • 1 rain repellent
  • 1 microfibre wipe

The 100ml HELMET’OUT and VISOR RAIN’OFF are in handy 100ml plastic pump bottles designed to take with you on your bike and not to cause injury if you have an accident.

Features of the IPONE Helmet Kit

  • Allows you to completely and fully clean your helmet
  • Easy to use and highly effective products
  • Practical transportable format, can be travel with you under the seat
  • Re-usable Microfibre Wipe

A feeling of freshness in your helmet

HELMET'IN diffuses a foam that evaporates after a few minutes without leaving any traces. It effectively neutralizes odors of perspiration and cleans the foams and pads without having to disassemble the interior of the helmet. It brings a very pleasant feeling of freshness when you put on your helmet.

A brand new helmet!

HELMET'OUT effectively cleans all the dirt and insect impacts accumulated on the helmet and visor, while depositing a durable protective layer.

Your helmet regains a brand-new look in seconds!  It is practical and easy to use thanks to its integrated sprayer.

A clean visor for safety

VISOR RAINOFF disperses water instantly, increasing driver visibility. In addition to its anti-rain action, it reduces the formation of fog and greatly reduces glare by the reflection of headlights in the water drops on the visor.  

The microfibre wipe, included in the pack, allows you to gently wipe your helmet and visor after applying the products.

How to clean the interior of your motorcycle helmet

1) Spray the HELMET'IN foam and leave it on for 1 hour.
2) Wipe it off with a cloth if necessary.
3) Your helmet is now clean and fresh.

How to clean your motorcycle helmet

1) Spray HELMET'OUT on the helmet.
2) Wipe with a soft and clean cloth.
3) The product leaves a durable protective film on the helmet.

How to apply rain repellent on my motorcycle helmet

1) Spray VISOR RAIN'OFF on the visor.
2) Let it dry for 2 minutes.
3) Wipe off with a soft cloth.

How do I wash a microfibre cloth?

The easiest way is to mashine wash your microfiber wipes. As indicated on the label of the wipe we advise you to opt for a laundry program at maximum 40°C. Do not add chlorine, softener or starch. Do not dryclean them, iron them or dry them in the dryer. Do not wash them with stuffed clothes, you can also protect them in a washing net.

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