IPONE Full Power Katana 10W40

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IPONE Full Power Katana 10W40 is a 100% synthetic, ester-based lubricant for 4-stroke motorcycles, designed for high performance sports riding on the road. The "speed & easy shift" innovation will transform your riding experience. Gear changes are fast and smooth; you will discover pure riding pleasure and faster acceleration.

With FULL POWER KATANA, no more cracking boxes and no more trouble finding neutral.

Features of the IPONE Full Power Katana 10W40

  • Smooth and pleasant gearbox
  • Smooth and faster gear changes
  • Maximum engine performance at very high speeds
  • Engine protection even at full power
  • 100% Synthetic with ester
  • Road use
  • Available in 5W40 / 10W40 / 10W50 / 10W60 / 15W50
  • Made in France
  • 1L or 4L

For sports riding on the road

FULL POWER KATANA is specially designed to meet the requirements of sporty riding on the road. It guarantees optimum lubrication to exploit the full performance of the high-speed engine.

Formulated with esters and high-performance additives, revs are quicker and the engine protection is ensured.

A transformed gearbox

The Speed & Easy Shift innovation transforms your driving experience. Gear changes are faster and more precise, mechanical noise are significantly reduced.

It has never been so easy to put the gearbox in neutral.

Its can with pouring spout is very convenient for a precise dosage, without putting any aside!

Tested and approved by the High Side team

IPONE approached the mythical French duo Franck and Bader to offer them the best products for the realization of their ever more crazy mechanic tutorials. FULL POWER KATANA 10W60 was used when they reassembled an Aprilia 550 SXV that runs from 2 broken machines.

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