IPONE Full Synthetic Fork Oil 3W and 7W

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IPONE Fork Fluid Racing specially developed for inverted telescopic forks subject to very high demands in competition: track, cross and enduro. It's exclusive anti-friction additive, developed by IPONE, and its anti-emulsion formula guarantee complete operating stability.

Are you a competition rider or do you enjoy racing in extreme conditions? IPONE’s FORK FLUID is a 100% synthetic lubricant designed especially for forks that are subjected to a great deal of stain. Thanks to its exclusive anti-friction additive, designed especially by IPONE, it reduces friction, guarantees complete operating stability, and protects and prolongs the service life of your machine.

Available in: Grade 3, Grade 7

Features of the IPONE Fork Fluid Racing

  • Maintains its performance at all temperatures
  • Protection against wear and corrosion
  • Facilitates slippage, reduces internal friction
  • Stability and constant damping effect

A precise and stable fork in extreme conditions

FORK FLUID resists extreme pressures and keeps its performance as well as its constant damping effect at all temperatures, in all operating conditions and from the first turns of the wheel. It remains stable over time.

Its anti-emulsion formula prevents foam and offers a remarkable resistance to shear, which ensures a progressiveness and stability of operation of your fork.

Lifespan of your suspension extended

Compatible with all fork brands, FORK FLUID extends the life of your suspension!

Its can with pouring spout is very convenient for a precise dosage, without putting any aside!

View the safety data sheet for IPONE Fork Fluid.


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