IPONE Carbu Cleaner

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IPONE Carbu Cleaner - Carburetter & Metal Parts Degreaser - is used to clean and remove deposits from around and within the carburettor. Compatible with rings. Its multi-position diffuser combines a powerful spray with a precise spray. CARBU CLEANER removes all deposits from the carburettor and allows better start-ups.

Features of the IPONE Carbu Cleaner

  • Extra power metal parts degreaser
  • Eliminates carbon deposits
  • Rings compatible
  • Improves power recovery
  • Reduce your fuel consumption
  • Reduces exhaust smoke emissions
  • Powerful and precise spraying
  • Wide, yet precise spray
  • 750ml

Give your carburettor a new lease of life!

CARBU CLEANER effectively cleans and degreases your carburettor and eliminates all fuel deposits thanks to its powerful formula.

The result is quickly visible: better starts, a real power gain and a stabilized idle.

Its multi-position diffuser is ultra-practical thanks to its retractable rod, fixed on the spray, which folds and unfolds in one gesture. No more rod lost in the workshop after 2 uses!

How to clean your carburettor

Your bike lacks power when starting up? Or it hasn't been running for a while? Then chances are your carburetor is dirty, it’s time to disassemble and clean it. Check out this article by Ipone on how to clean your carburettor.


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