Husqvarna Bash Plate AX1504 BLK - 250/300 Enduro 19-22

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AXP Racing black Bash Plate AX1504 for Husqvarna 250/300 Enduro 2019-2022 is vibration-free engine, frame & linkage protection for your Husky and is far lighter than an alloy skid plate.

The AXP GasGas / Husqvarna / KTM 250 / 300 2 Strokes Xtrem Skid plate.  The Xtrem AXP Racing skid plate is designed differently than the MX/SX line. This model integrates an integral protection of the frame until below the footrests. Polyethylene is a material that is 40% lighter than aluminum and does not deform, generate resonance or vibrations and ages better over time. This bash plate weighs 1.4kg. It is also available in blue under the reference AX1546.

This skid plate can only be mounted on KTM 250SX - 250XC TPI - 300XC TPI Husqvarna TC250 - TX300I and GasGas EX300 models.

WARNING: this reference is not compatible for all years.

Husqvarna 250/300 Enduro Bash Plate AX1504 (BLACK) Compatibility

  • KTM 250SX 2019-22
  • Husqvarna TC250 2019-22
  • GasGas EX300 2021-23
  • KTM 300XC TPI 2019-22
  • KTM 250XC TPI 2019-22
  • Husqvarna TX300I 2019-22
  • KTM 300SX TPI 2019-22

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