Husqvarna Bash Plate AX1425 BLK - FE250/350s 17-22

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AXP Racing black Bash Plate AX1425 for Husqvarna FE250/350s 2017-2022 is vibration-free engine, frame & linkage protection for your Husqvarna adventure bike and is far lighter than an alloy skid plate.

4 Stroke Skid Plates: The Xtrem AXP Racing skid plates are made differently than the MX/SX range. Made for an extreme use, they offer the maximum of protection needed for your bike. Frame entirely covered, linkage and engine cases protection, they also provide a water pump protection on the 4 strokes models. Made of 8mm HDPE plastic (2mm more than the MX/SX range), they are made of one piece and welded only in the inside for a better resistance. No vibrations, no deformation, lightweight and durable, the polyethylene is the perfect option compared to alloy or carbon. 

Husqvarna FE250/350s Bash Plate AX1425 (BLACK) Compatibility

  • Husky FE250/350/350S 2017-22
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