Hit Air MLV-C Motorcycle Light Weight Airbag Vest

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Hit Air MLV-C Motorcycle Light Weight Airbag Vest is a Super Light Weight Vest for Motorcycle riding ... Hit-Air’s latest model is designed for wearing over your favourite motorcycle jacket.  

It is so light, cool and comfortable you will hardly notice that you are wearing it!  

The Hit-air MLV model is ideal for the rider who has one or more jackets in his or her wardrobe but wants the superior protection that the Hit-air is famous for. 

This vest incorporates Hit-Air’s new super-high-speed airbag deployment system. The system deploys the airbag in .18 msec (0.18 sec)! By comparison, the human eye blink rate is 300 to 400 msec or 0.3 seconds.  

Features of the Hit Air MLV-C Motorcycle Light Weight Airbag Vest

  • New super high-speed airbag deployment system 0.18 seconds
  • Designed to wear over your favourite motorcycle jacket or vest
  • Super slim design to maximize comfort
  • Uses 60cc cartridge (one already included)
  • Reflex material for night-riding.
  • Improved: The airbag is behind the Key Box
  • Two adjustable sizes:
  • Medium: Corresponds with S - XL
  • Large: Corresponds with XL - 3XL


If you deploy the Hit-Air Vest you simply check for structural damage to the garment, if you are happy that there is no damage it is two minutes to reinsert and reset the vest. 

If you are unsure you can return the vest to your dealer or us and we will test it for you giving you total confidence. 

Please click the following link for the full PDF user manual for the Hit-Air MLV-C Air Bag Vest. 

We also stock spare tethers and replacement CO2 60cc cylinders.


Motomox is distributing the Hit-Air Airbag Vests for the motorcycle industry in New Zealand. For any enquiries regarding the Equestrian industry please contact Kate at www.katelambie.co.nz.