Hilleberg Trekking Poles (2 pcs)

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Produced by DAC for Hilleberg, our long-time partner and tent pole supplier, our poles are great for hiking and also work seamlessly with our Anaris, Tarps, Mesh Tent 1, Mesh Boxes and Mesh Ridge. Our poles are built with DAC’s impressively strong TH72M aluminum, and they extend from 90cm to 145cm and collapse fully to 65cm.

Adjustment comes from easy-to-use and very secure double-cam Lever Locks. At longer lengths, they are ideal for the Anaris and Tarp 10, or for the front of the Tarp 5 or Mesh Tent 1. When fully collapsed, they are perfect for the back of both the Tarp 5 and the Mesh Tent 1. Our trekking poles also come with removable rubber tips for use on rocky terrain.

Product Specs:

  • TH72M Aluminum
  • 90cm - 145cm adjustable length
  • 65cm when collapsed