Goldentyre GT-516KE Enduro Tyre 140/80-18

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Goldentyre GT-516KE 140/80-18 Enduro Tyre replaces the 216 and brings you a serious enduro tyre. Updated knob design, carcass and compound make the 516KE a high performer on all enduro terrain.

Although it looks similar to its grandfather tyre - the GT216HBN, many improvements have been made to complete the GT516KE including:

1. Knob design - the lateral knob spacing has been adjusted to add stability in high-speed corners and braking during corner entry. The centre knobs have been tweaked in size and shape which gives added traction in straight-line acceleration and braking.
2. Carcass - A new development of carcass allows the weight to be kept at the absolute minimum while maintaining durability and adding stability in high-speed sections of the track.
3. Compound - The new generation of intermediate compound allows this tyre to perform across all enduro terrains by minimising the chance of chunking/tearing on hard packed terrain while also reducing clogging from mud in soft and wet conditions.

The updated design, carcass and compound means this is an outstanding performer on a wide range of enduro terrain, from soft through to hard.

Features of the GT-516KE 140/80-18 Tyre

  • Lightweight, flexible carcass with a reinforced shoulder to provide a large contact surface and shock-absorption over rough terrain and obstacles.
  • Intermediate compound suitable for all types of terrain.
  • State-of-the-art production process is used to create the most grip while maintaining durability and lifespan.
  • Updated tread design and F.I.M approved 14mm knobs allow for self-cleaning in mud and soft conditions.
  • Directional construction maximises grip and wheel stability over objects and rough terrain.
  • DOT and F.I.M approved.
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Front or Rear Rear
Riding Type Cross Country / Desert, Enduro, Enduro Rally / Enduro On-Off
Terrain Enduro, Enduro/MX, Extreme Enduro, Hard, Intermediate, Mid, Mid Hard, Mid Soft, Rocky Steep Rugged, Soft
Wheel Size 18
Tyre Size 140/80-18
FIM FIM Approved
GoldenTyre Code GOP4200KE
Load and Speed Rating 70 R
DOT DOT Approved
E-Mark E-Mark Approval