Goldentyre GT-723R Rally Super Adv Tyre 140/80-18

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Goldentyre GT-723R 140/80-18 Tyre is similar to the 823KH, however, it has a slightly more open and aggressive tread pattern. This shifts the tyre's performance further towards the technical end of the scale without compromising tarmac and gravel road behaviour.

When you have riders like Lyndon Poskitt getting 10,000 kms out of a tyre after racing it, that is one awesome adventure tyre. Now add super traction from the all new GT-723R Rally, yes this really will leave its mark!!

The GT-723R Rally is part way between the ever popular GT-723 Adventure tyre and all grunty GT-523 traction packed tyre, the GT-723R Rally gives you uncompromising traction and good road manners. 

Features of the GT-723R Rally 140/80-18 Tyre

  • Front and rear tire homologated FIM born to the big rally raid.
  • Specially designed and developed, provides superior traction in all ground conditions, wet and dry
  • The polygonal blocks set the arrow on the shoulder, they offer an exceptional acceleration and traction when cornering.
  • The carcass and the compound have been designed to withstand the severe stresses of the competitions of the great classics African rallies.

The TUbliss system works extremely well in conjunction with the Goldentyre.

Specifications of the Goldentyre 723R Rally 140/80-18 Tyre

  • Tyre Size 140/80-18
  • Wheel Size 18
  • DOT Approved
  • Load and Speed Rating TT71R
  • Riding Type Adventure, Cross Country / Desert, Enduro Rally / Enduro On-Off
  • GoldenTyre Code GOP4025
  • FIM Approved
  • Rear Tyre
  • Terrain Hard, Mid, Mid Hard, Mid Soft, Soft

Note: The GT-723 Rally Tyre is a high profile tyre for the Dakar type Rallies, on some bikes there isn't a lot of room from the tyre to the swing arm, KTM690 and Husqvarna 701, the clearance needs to be checked, the KTM PDS rear shock link on the enduro models also has a reduced gap so the wheel needs to be back in the adjustment.

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