Giant Loop Tail Rack

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Giant Loop's Tail Rack delivers a strong, simple, low-profile, lightweight and affordable gear attachment solution for virtually every motorcycle with plastic fenders - dirt bike, enduro and dual sport. Crafted with heavy gauge aluminium anodized black, Giant Loop's Tail Rack provides solid anchor points for the MoJavi SaddlebagCoyote SaddlebagKlamath Tail Rack PackPossibilities Pouch and more. Features quick-connect wire gates to ensure webbing anchor straps stay put no matter what. Includes full set of stainless steel mounting hardware.

Features of the Giant Loop Tail Rack

  • Dimensions: 12.7cm wide x 20.3cm long x 1.27cm tall
  • Includes 4x stainless steel button head bolts, 4x stainless steel nylock nuts, 4x stainless steel washers, 4x aluminium spacers
  • Weight: less than 900g including hardware
  • Capacity: Limit total load to 4.5kg maximum. Designed to provide secure anchor points for Giant Loop Saddlebags, NOT to support heavy loads.
  • Multiple webbing attachment slots.
  • Four wire-gate closures to prevent webbing from disconnecting even when riding in the roughest terrain.

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