Giant Loop Pannier Mounts For Soft Luggage

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The Giant Loop Pannier Mounts For Soft Luggage are lightweight mounts for soft luggage and fit most pannier rack setups. Redesigned and updated for 2019, these ultra-light, ultra-tough, quick release, quick-mount, lockable black anodized aluminium plates used for securing Giant Loop's MotoTrekk Panniers, RotoPax Gas or Water packs and other gear to many popular motorcycle side luggage racks.

The Giant Loop Pannier Mounts for motorcycle soft luggage are sold as a set of two and weigh less than 1.8kg. They are also compatible with most pannier rack set ups.

COMPATIBLE SIDE LUGGAGE RACKS: Giant Loop Pannier Mounts fit a wide array of side luggage racks with flat, vertical hoops constructed with 16-18mm round tubing. Examples: ADVM X-Frames, Outback Motortek, Givi Outback, Touratech, KTM Powerparts (1090, 1190, 1290) and the BMW R1200, R1250 and F850 GS Adventures’ OEM luggage racks (Giant Loop adapter required for exhaust side of BMW GSA). If your side luggage rack is not compatible, take a look at our MotoTrekk Panniers, which do not require mounting hardware.

Features of the Giant Loop Pannier Soft Luggage Mounts

  • Aircraft-grade aluminium with anodized black finish
  • Includes two matching keys
  • Includes stainless steel hardware kit to attach Giant Loop’s Round The World Panniers
  • Adjustable hook and latch positions
  • Pre-drilled for Rotopax mount
  • Multiple webbing slots to anchor MotoTrekk Panniers or other gear
  • Thumbscrew prevents Pannier Mount from sliding on rack tubing

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