Giant Loop Lift Strap

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Giant Loop Lift Strap allows you to easily maneuver your bike through challenging terrain. The Giant Loop Lift Strap securely attaches to the fork tubes and tail of dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles.

The Lift Strap provides a sturdy grab handle to help tug, pull or lift the motorcycle through those tough spots on the trail when you need a little boost over an obstacle or out of mud holes.

Constructed of durable nylon webbing and a comfortable moulded rubber handle, the Giant Loop Lift Strap also makes an excellent carry handle for motorcycle panniers and hard luggage.

The rubber strap is the key to the Lift Strap working so well, it maintains its width when you are pulling or lifting spreading the load across your gloves 

The Giant Loop Lift Strap and Giant Loop Tow Strap are must-haves for your adventure touring motorcycle safety kit: Simple tools that can make big problems much easier to manage.

Specifications of the Giant Loop Lift Strap

  • 25mm Nylon Webbing / Aluminum Hardware
  • 1 metre of webbing / 140mm rubber strap

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