Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Mini Repair Patches

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Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Mini Repair Patches allow you to do repairs on-the-go! 

The next time you snag a hole in your down puffer jacket, reach for Tenacious Tape™ Mini by Gear Aid®. These pre-cut repair patches are ideal for a down jacket repair or for patching small holes in clothing and gear. Put an end to leaking feathers and quickly fix down puffer coats, technical fabrics and gear. 

The lightweight and convenient pocket pack includes six ready-to-use Tenacious Tape Mini repair patches. With no cutting required, simply peel and stick for quick, on-the-go repairs. Throw some Tenacious TapeMini repair patches in your pocket and you’ll never have to worry about ripped jackets or damaged gear again.

Features of Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Mini Repair Patches 

  • Mini repair patches ideal for a down jacket repair or patching small holes
  • The lightweight pocket pack is perfect for on-the-go repairs
  • Quick and easy to use, simply peel and stick
  • Prevents feathers from escaping down puffer jackets and fabrics
  • Unique size fits in between down baffles
  • Durable and long-lasting repairs
  • No cutting required
  • Ideal for small holes and tears
  • Rounded corners prevent lifting
  • Instant repair solution
  • Clean adhesive technology will not leave a sticky residue if removed
  • Includes six 3.8cm x 6.4cm pre-cut repair patches

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