G2 Throttle Tamer 40-4Y-142: Yamaha Tenere 700

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Part Number: G2-40-4Y-142

The G2 Street Throttle Tamer Tube for Yamaha incorporates a non-linear ratio between hand throttle rotation and carburettor or throttle body opening. The throttle tube has a pulley where the throttle cable, or cables, attach. This pulley pulls the throttle cable as the rider rotates the grip/tube combination. By altering the conventional, circular shaped pulley into a “cam” shape, a vast improvement in control is achieved and throttle snatch is drastically reduced.

The G2 Street Throttle Tamer Tube has a pulley with a reduced radius initially, which requires a slightly farther rotation to achieve the same carburettor or throttle body opening position as compared to the stock throttle tube. This virtually eliminates the jerky “throttle snatch” especially evident in modern fuel injected street bikes. The radius increases or ramps up after ½ throttle to keep overall rotation required to reach full throttle at or near-stock rotation.


Product Highlights

  • Machined from 6061 aluminium.
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminium-to-aluminium contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables.
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables.
  • Works with all known aftermarket cruise controls.
  • Slide one of our Italian-made Domino grips or your grip onto the G2 Street Throttle Tamer Tube.
  • Installs in minutes!