FRI Concepts Repair Kit with Airplugger and Electric Pump

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FRI Concepts Repair Kit with Airplugger and Electric Pump provides a portable and convenient way to inflate your tires for your car, motorcycle or bicycle as well as balls and other inflatable items. Powered by a rechargeable 2000mA LION Battery this powerful air pump can inflate up to 10.3 Bar (150 psi) using one of the included nozzle attachments. A full Air Plugger kit is also included so you have everything you need to fix a puncture and re-inflate your tire.

Fitted with a torch and a handy USB output this pump can be used as a battery charge pack as well. With preset modes for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and balls it is very versatile.

Features of the FRI Concepts Repair Kit

  •     Powerful Lion Battery Pack
  •     Accurate to +/- 2psi
  •     0.2-10.3 Bar (3-150 psi) pressure range
  •     80db operating noise
  •     80mm air tube with Schrader fitting and Presta adapter
  •     Inflation needle and valve for balls and sports equipment included
  •     USB charger output
  •     USB to USB C input for charging from any USB port. 3 hour charge time
  •     FRI Concepts Air Plugger included
  •     Torch function for night operation

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