Enduro Hog KTM 250/300 EXC 2017 Engine Covers

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These bomb-proof engine protection covers are made from high impact shock resistance 3mm High-Density Polyethylene HDPE

Suitable For 2017 models

  • KTM 250 EXC
  • KTM 300 EXC


  • The covers are super lightweight and super tough one-piece full covers
  • Two big advantages of Polyethylene Plastic is that it has very high impact resistance and a low coefficient of friction meaning it slides well, so instead of biting into the rocks and gravel, it will slide over it.
  • The covers have metal inserts for secure mounting with screws
  • The covers are an economical way to protect your investment, and only take  two minutes to install

  • Included:
    • The Clutch and Flywheel protection covers

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