EarthX ETX36C Lithium Battery

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EarthX ETX36C Lithium Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), are designed to be a light-weight, maintenance-free replacement of your standard lead-acid battery.

The EarthX batteries will work with any vehicle charging system and “modern” lead-acid battery chargers, due to their exclusive built-in electronics (Battery Management System, BMS). No other motorsport lithium battery manufacturer offers a battery with built-in electronics to protect it from over-discharging, over-charging, plus keep the cell’s charge level balanced.

The batteries are an exceptional value given the fact they can last four times longer than a lead-acid battery, up to 8 years. All motorsport batteries come with a full 2-year warranty (not prorated like others).

Features of the EarthX ETX36C Lithium Battery

  • The EarthX batteries use cells made of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry that was developed in the U.S.A. This chemistry is the highest performance and safest on the market today.
  • Take off up to 80% of the weight from a lead-acid battery!
  • The battery will last up to 8 years!
  • They can sit an entire offseason if you have a bike that doesn’t have a draw on the battery like a dirt bike.
  • Superfast charging, 2 hours or less!
  • The most advanced technology lithium battery on the market
  • Engineered and manufactured in America

Key advantages of our lithium battery over lead-acid batteries

  • Light-weight — 70-80% less weight
  • Long Service Life — Up to 4000 charge/discharge cycles (~3-8 years), over 4 times the life of a lead-acid battery
  • Longer Storage Life – due to extremely low self-discharge rate, no need for charging in the off-season
  • Environmentally Friendly — non-toxic, non-contaminating, lead-free and no hazardous materials
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range (-30°C to 60°C) — lithium batteries are dry cell technology and will not freeze
  • Fast Charge — can be fully charged in less than a half-hour
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Special Mounting Direction
  • Safety and Reliability — internal cells are continually monitored by an integrated battery management system

Key advantages of our lithium batteries over competitors lithium batteries

  • Safety, performance and longevity are very important in the design of the EarthX battery and are the leader in the lithium market with the only battery management system included inside every battery to protect from over-discharge, overcharge, cell balancing, and excessive cranking protection.
  • We use American battery technology, the most advanced lithium battery technology in the world
  • Our batteries are assembled, engineered and designed in the USA
  • No expensive balancing charger needed.
  • Flexible battery connection — our batteries can be used in either left or right side polarity applications. You also have the option to connect the battery leads directly to your vehicle.
  • Integrity – our battery specifications are accurate. We won’t tell you our battery has 500CCA when it does not.

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Specifications of the EarthX ETX36C Lithium Battery

Download PDF Specs here





Pulse Crank Amps (PCA)


Cold Crank Amps (CCA)


Recommended Charge Amps


Max Charge Amps:



3.9 lb (1.8Kg)


175mm(L) x 86mm(W) x 115mm(H)

Environmental (water resistance):

IP 66 (water wash down)

Terminal Polarity:



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2. Scroll about halfway down the page to the banner "Select a Battery - Which One Fits My Vehicle?" and click.
3. Enter your bike make and model to find the correct battery

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