EarPeace MOTO PRO Ear Plugs (24 dB rating)

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EarPeace MOTO PRO Ear Plugs with a 24 dB rating safely elevate your riding experience with brand-new technology and design upgrades.

The patented Contour Ear Plugs™ and oval format ensure a supremely comfortable, ergonomic fit. So comfortable you will forget you are wearing them. The discreet profile fits under your helmet without irritation.

The PRO filter technology features a tuned acoustic membrane that precisely replicates the sound signature at a safe volume. Lose the wind and engine noise and maintain keen situational awareness. Your communications and radio will be clear and crisp.

Features of the EarPeace MOTO PRO Ear Plugs


Patented Contour Ear Plugs™ mimic the shape of your ear canal for a more comfortable, natural fit. Hypoallergenic silicone earplugs have a velvet finish - so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them.


Ultra-fi filters are the first line of defence for protecting your hearing. The tuned acoustic membrane technology performs as a primary eardrum, absorbing and replicating the sound signature while enhancing audio quality at a safe volume.


Low profile and virtually invisible. EarPeace PRO fits comfortably under your helmet. 

  • Highest SNR FILTERS

Maximum protection with SNR (24 dB).


EarPeace always includes three plugs in case you lose one. Guaranteed fit with standard and large size tips included. Reusable ear plugs won't wear down or break. Ultra-premium, aircraft aluminum case.


Moto industry heavyweights including Ford Racing, Motorcycle.com and RedBull Global Rally Cross have trusted EarPeace for over 10 years.

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