Desert Fox 3 Litre Fuel Bladder

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The Desert Fox 3 Litre Fuel Bladder allows the carrying of three litres of extra fuel on your enduro or adventure touring bike. This highly durable gas bag can be strapped to virtually any position.

Designed for Enduro and touring adventure riders, the Trail 3L Motorcycle Fuel Bladder is the ideal medium to carry extra fuel. Suitable for the top of panniers, top boxes or where space is at a premium. Compact enough to fit into most hydro packs.

Things to remember:

  • When fuel heats, physics take over…fumes are created and the bag will expand – you have to allow space for that expansion.
  • When riding on a very hot day with a full fuel bladder, consider allowing the fuel vapours that have built up to escape from time to time.

The Desert Fox has a clear plastic liner housed in a tough canvas bag. The canvas bag has mounting points to tie the cell onto your bike. The plastic liner is non-porous which means that fuel odours are not transmitted.

Desert Fox 3 Litre Fuel Bladder Features

  • Daisy chains and D-Rings allow the cell to be strapped in almost any position.
  • Strong, lightweight and easy to store when not required, leaving you with more space when it is needed most.
  • Supplied with a fuel spout that stores inside a dust-proof integrated pouch.
  • D rings and daisy chains are suitable for use with tie-downs or Bungee cords.
  • Also suitable for water, provided that the cell has not been used for fuel before.
  • Capacity: 3L
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 400 mm
  • Weight: 300g (empty)

International Sales of Desert Fox Fuel Bladders

We post Desert Fox to Canada, USA, Europe and the UK, we have freight options for non-tracked and tracked, you can check the postage price options by putting the item in your cart and adding your country. If you are unsure please email us and we will send you the information. 

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