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Helmet Assisted Radar Detection, H.A.R.D. System V, is a wireless system manufactured by Adaptiv Technologies for motorcyclists needing to know when their radar detector is alerting them of a radar threat.

This is the Transmitter Only Module which communicates with the Adaptiv LED Visual Alert if you Have a Beltronics, Escort, Valentine One or Radenso XP which you are wanting to use on your bike.

This Transmitter is designed to be used with automotive radar detectors alongside TPX Wireless Headset or TPX Wireless Visual Alert. It is compatible with all Beltronics, Escort, and Valentine radar detectors with a RJ11 jack. 

Features of the ADAPTIV H.A.R.D. Transmitter Module

  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Compatible with All Beltronics, Escort, and Valentine Radar Detectors with a RJ11 Jack.

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