Mox Clutch Weight (Husqvarna, KTM)

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Clutch weights are a great substitute for flywheel weights, but there’s not many options for flywheel weights for the newer Huskys and KTMs!  These Mox Clutch Weights bolt-on in minutes, weigh more than double that of available flywheel weights and cost half the price of most flywheels.

The Mox clutch weight weighs 10.65oz (302g), about the sweet spot between being weighty enough to feel their effect but not so much that it slows down throttle response. It helps smooth out the jerky throttle and gives you a little less engine braking feel for smoother transitions of on-off throttle situations. The bike becomes more "chuggable" in low-speed conditions with less stalling and reduced flameouts.

The Mox clutch weight is designed to work with the stock DDS diaphram style clutch. It's 10.65oz and fits perfectly with the stock clutch cover. You simply remove your existing 6 bolts that hold the assembly together and then place the clutch weight on the outside of the big washer and reuse the stock bolts. The clutch weight bolts to the inner hub which runs on a bearing on the clutch shaft, so there's no wobble or parts that will wear out.

Both the 2-Stroke and the 4-Stroke riders love it!

Weight: 302g / 10.65oz


  • Husqvarna 2017- 2023 250/350 SXF/XCF/FX/FC