CLICK'n'RIDE Storage Pouch

Regular price $19.95

The CLICK'n'RIDE custom roll-up pouch safely stores your LED indicator lights when riding. Never lose or damage your detachable turn signals again by tucking them away in this tough and hard-wearing pouch. The adjustable velcro straps allow for a secure hold on up to 4 of the LED indicators. The Click 'N' Ride Storage Pouch has a roll-up closure system that has been designed to take up very little space while storing your blinkers, making it an ideal storage solution for your Click 'N' Ride indicators.

Features of the CLICK'n'RIDE Storage Pouch

  • Roll-up storage pouch can home up to 4 Click 'N' Ride indicators keeping them in a safe place while not on the bike
  • Adjustable velcro strap allows you to secure the pouch depending on whether you are storing 2 or 4 indicators
  • Tough hard-wearing construction provides a robust barrier keeping out the elements and providing a safe storage solution.

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