CLICK'n'RIDE LED Indicators (Single Lights)

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CLICK'n'RIDE LED Indicators are detachable turn signals for your motorcycle. No more broken blinkers - simply remove these when off-road! These are the most ingenious LED indicators we have ever seen. With CLICKnRIDE removable indicators you simply can’t break what isn’t there. You can enjoy your weekend away riding and know that you won’t attract the wrong attention on the way home. 

We have tried many Flexi indicators but the simple fact is they get caught between a rock and a hard place which crunches them and that is the end of them.

It is well known that motorcyclists get run into because the following car didn’t see the rear lights and indicators, it's hard to enjoy your bike when you're in hospital, don’t be “that guy” lying in the hospital justifying crappy indicators, get CLICKnRIDE removable indicators.

Store your CLICK'n'RIDE LED Indicators in this custom-made CLICK'n'RIDE Storage Pouch which holds up to 4 LED turn signals safely on your bike while you ride.

Please note:
If you're replacing standard indicator bulbs with LEDs, the power draw is a lot less so you will require a resistor set to reset the flash rate, you can find an indicator resistor set here.

Specifications of the CLICK'n'RIDE LED Indicators:

  • A 3D lens with superior optics
  • 3 x Phillips high-output LEDs
  • 360-degree seamless sealed Lens
  • Fully waterproof and dustproof
  • ADR approved (Australian Design Rules)
  • No moving parts
  • Easy fit socket

CLICK'n'RIDE LED Indicator Dimensions:

  • Chrome spindle Length 34mm
  • Chrome spindle diameter 6mm
  • Main black body length 84mm
  • Total Length 118mm
  • Lens length 65mm
  • Lens widest point 24mm 
  • Lens thinnest point 11mm

CLICK'n'RIDE LED Base dimensions:

  • Base length 37mm
  • Base inside the mudguard 25mm
  • Base outside of mudguard 11mm
  • Base diameter at front 22mm
  • Base diameter at rear 15mm

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