Clake Pro Dual Control

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The Clake Pro Dual Control is a revolutionary device that combines the Clutch and Rear Brake to a single finger-operated lever

There are many situations where using the foot brake pedal is impossible, and operating a brake pedal always compromises your control of the bike. This system is far easier to use than a normal hand clutch foot brake arrangement.

Advantages of the Clake Pro

  • Prevents stalling from rear brake lockup.
  • Enables you to operate the rear brake whilst your right foot is off the peg.
  • Allows the rider to correctly weight the footpegs without the compromise of operating a brake pedal, great for downhills and for general control.
  • Helps you manoeuvre the bike on hills or rough terrain, by allowing you to use the rear brake when you’re dismounted.
  • Assists in race start by dragging rear brake against clutch maintaining loading of the drive train, and reducing squat thus improving traction.
  • Better feel of brake operation due to finger operation.
  • Turning right with your foot down, you still have full control of the rear brake.
  • Can be transferred from one bike to another

Clake Pro - What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Clake Pro Dual Control unit
  • 1 x Braided brake line from Clake to the rear calliper
  • 1 x Braided brake line from foot brake to Clake
  • 6 x Copper washers for brake banjo bolts
  • 1 x Banjo bolt for Clake brake line
  • 2 x Clake bike stickers

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