Cardo PACKTALK Edge 2nd Helmet Kit

Regular price $239.00

The Cardo PackTalk Edge 2nd Helmet Kit allows you to swap the head unit between helmets without buying a full PackTalk Edge kit!

Ideal if you have a second or third motorcycle helmet, and you want a helmet comms on it but don't want to buy another complete set. Simply remove the head unit from one helmet and attach it to a second helmet in seconds. This means you get to enjoy the ride instead of spending your precious time re-fitting helmet intercoms!

Features of the Cardo PackTalk Edge 2nd Helmet Kit

  • JBL speakers, base plate, wired and boom microphone, & mounting hardware
  • 40mm speakers with an interchangeable boom & wired microphones
  • Suitable for virtually all helmets (except half helmets)

Compatible with: Cardo PackTalk Edge

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