Barkbusters Blizzard Universal Handguards

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The Barkbuster Blizzard Handguards provide maximum protection from cold weather for adventurous motorcyclists. Built for blizzard conditions, these large fabric handguards are designed for faired sportbikes, sport-tourers and large touring motorcycles, they also fit street, dual-purpose, adventure tourers, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs – and even scooters! These semi-rigid handguards block wind, rain, snow and keep your hands warm and controls dry -  allowing you to extend your riding season.

They can be mounted independently or over existing Barkbusters or aluminium backbones.  Includes hardware to enable mounting to bar-end weights, hollow bars, and existing aluminium backbones.

Single Point Mount products are not designed for impact protection. If impact protection is required, choose from our TWO-POINT MOUNT options.

Barkbusters Blizzard Handguards Features

  • Stylish fabric handguard design, lined with a waterproof membrane
  • Can be fitted to almost any handlebar setup
  • Ideal for faired Sports and Touring motorcycles
  • Anti-flap design is self-supporting under wind pressure
  • Maximum cold weather protection
  • Leaves controls free of interference
  • Flexes around fairing/windscreen at full steering lock

Mounting Blizzard Hardware Included to Fit

  • To handlebar weight;
  • To hollow handlebar; and
  • Over existing Barkbusters backbones.

View the Barkbuster Blizzard Handguard fitting/installation instructions.

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