AXP Beta Xtrainer Radiator Braces (2015-2022)

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The AXP AX1397 Beta X Trainer Radiator Braces are premium radiator guards that offer excellent protection by wrapping a protective cage around the radiator and original air deflector via a 3 point mounting system.

AXP Racing produces the best quality protection products on the market. The Beta Xtrainer AXP Racing radiator braces stand out thanks to their 3 point fixing system. This system keeps the original air deflector, it does not interfere with the maximum steering of the handlebar and forms a real protective cage around the radiators. 

Features of the AX1397 Beta X Trainer Radiator Braces

  • Aluminium 4mm thick
  • Compatible with a fan
  • The complete hardware is included in the package
  • Black Spacers
  • Part No AX1397A

AX1397 Beta X Trainer Radiator Braces Compatibility

2015 - 2022 Beta 250 and 300 X-Trainer

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