AXP Beta 250/300 X trainer Radiator Braces 2023 -

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The newer AXP Beta X Trainer radiator braces, AX1680, are a 4mm thick aluminium brace that forms a real cage that surrounds and protects the radiators. It has an additional fixation point against the frame to reinforce the resistance in the event of a fall. This brace allows you to use the OEM radiator shrouds without any modifications.

NB: This brace does NOT fit on all years models, only 2023 onward. 

Features of the AX1680 Beta X Trainer Radiator Braces

  • Aluminium 4mm thick
  • Weight: 1.0 kg 
  • The complete hardware is included in the package
  • Additional fixation point
  • Red Spacers
  • Part No AX1680


2023 Beta 250 and 300 X Trainer