AXP Beta 125-300RR Radiator Braces 2022-23 AX1583

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The AXP AX1583 Beta 125-300RR Radiator Braces 2022-23 are premium radiator guards that offer excellent protection by wrapping a protective cage around the radiator and original air deflector via a 3-point mounting system.

The Beta 125RR / 200RR / 250RR / 300RR Xtrem radiator guards are made especially for HARD ENDURO and developed with AXP's pro riders in all conditions. These radiator guards offer maximum protection by wrapping the radiators and being against the central part of the frame to provide maximum rigidity and limiting deformations. The HDPE plastic is 6mm thick with a REMOVABLE protection grid! This will provide reinforcement in case of impact, and it does not limit the airflow. Easy access for cleaning by easy removal of the grids in less than 30s.

The base of the product uses aluminum 4mm thick with spacers offering a strong rigidity. Compatible with the BETA OEM Fan, you’re ready to go on extreme track with high level of protection!

Fits on the Beta 125RR - 200RR - 250RR - 300RR and its different options.

WARNING: it does not fit on all model years.

Beta 125-300RR Radiator Braces AX1583 Features

  • Aluminium 4mm thick
  • HDPE plastic 6mm thick
  • Compatible with a fan
  • The complete hardware is included in the package
  • Part No AX1583
  • 1.3kg

Beta 125-300RR Radiator Braces AX1583 Compatibility

  • 2022-23 Beta 125RR
  • 2022-23 Beta 200RR
  • 2022-23 Beta 250RR
  • 2022-23 Beta 300RR

View the fitting instructions for the AX1583.

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