Armadillo Bag Utility Bladders

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Introducing the Armadillo Bag™, flexible, collapsible, lightweight, expedition-ready utility bladder for the safe transport and storage of liquid hydrocarbon products and other Powersports and automotive fluids.

The Armadillo Bag™ weighs a fraction of rigid containers and packs up small for storage when empty. Includes a two-layer construction: inner TPU bladder with protective Cordura® fabric outer sleeve and pour spout with dedicated storage pocket.

DIMENSIONS (Flat, Filled, W x L x H):

  • 3.8 Litre is 254mm x 419.1mm x 76.2mm
  • 7.6 Litre is 304.8mm x 520.7mm x 101.6mm

DIMENSIONS (Rolled, Empty, diameter):

  • 3.8 Litre = 63.5mm
  • 7.6 Litre = 76.2mm


  • 3.8 Litre is 368g
  • 7.6 Litre is 450g

Note: Armadillo Bags are not portable or long-term fuel storage containers. Their intended purpose is for the temporary transport of permitted powersports and automotive liquids.