Gear Aid Aquaseal Contact Cement

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Gear Aid Aquaseal Contact Cement means a wetsuit rip interrupt your fun. Fix it fast with Gear Aid™ Aquaseal + NEO™ Contact Cement. And why stop there? You can use Aquaseal + NEO™ Contact Cement to add pockets to your wetsuit, seal gaskets or repair tears on fishing waders, rubber boots and gloves. Aquaseal + NEO™ Contact Cement waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion for longer life. 

Aquaseal + NEO™ Contact Cement is more elastic than other neoprene cements, so your wetsuit or drysuit repair flexes like new. Save money—and save a dive—by making long-lasting neoprene repairs in minutes.

Features of Gear Aid Aquaseal Contact Cement 

  • Contact cement for neoprene repairs
  • Provides quick, in-field repairs to wetsuits, drysuits and watersports gear
  • Cures in 20 minutes
  • Provides flexibility, waterproofing and abrasion resistance
  • Precision applicator tip with 44ml tube

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