AltRider SYNCH Dry Bag

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AltRider SYNCH Dry Bag is the ultimate durable, go-anywhere waterproof and dustproof bag - ideal for any adventure rider or avid explorer.

The AltRider SYNCH Dry Bags are the culmination of 15 years of off-road camping experience, world travelling, and soft goods design, all rolled into a single easy-to-use and durable package. 

Each bag has a fully tape-seam sealed, D-shaped body construction made of 510g vinyl coated fabric (“Truckers Tarp”). The SYNCH bags are designed to be 100% dust and waterproof, engineered to withstand the most extreme temperatures and wet weather over hundreds and thousands of miles of trails and roads.  

SYNCH was designed with accessibility and flexibility in mind. Each bag features daisy chains for easy lashing of camping gear like bed rolls and tents. There are four anchor points with high strength nylon D-rings for strapping the bags to the bike and for connecting bags to each other. All of the anchor patches are made from a military-grade, waterproof and chemical-resistant neoprene. 

Designed for quick entry, the side openings allow access to either of the bags two openings without having to release the tie-down straps. This holds true when the bags are stacked on each other as well. 

Each dry bag includes 2 tie-downs, that are 1.5 meters long. Each end of the tie-down features a soft-loop style closure, perfect for attaching to crash-bars, trellis frames, luggage racks and other great tie-down points that connect with snap buckles and is adjustable in length.


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