FogStop Optix Wipes

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These Fog Stop Optix Wipes clean and stops fog on your sunglasses or visor in one wipe. Long lasting and effective on all types of optics including multi-coated, polycarbonate, mirror and glass. The Fog Stop Optix Wipes come in a box of 20.

Unlike other wipes, FOGSTOP OPTIX WIPES are specifically formulated to effectively clean and stop fog in one wipe. Comprised of highly advanced anti-fog properties impregnated with a combination of non-toxic cleaning and polishing agents, these convenient, individually wrapped pre-moistened wipes are suitable for use on all kinds of eyewear including safety glasses, goggles, visors and hard surfaces such as mirror and glass.

Features of the Fog Stop Optix Wipes

  • Advanced formula
  • One step application
  • Long lasting
  • Anti-static
  • Alcohol free
  • Non-toxic/non flammable
  • Individually wrapped

Benefits of using these specialised glasses/lens wipes

  • Cleans and defogs in one product
  • Quick and easy
  • Up to 3-5 days depending on work conditions
  • Repels airborne dust particules
  • Suitable for use with all lens coatings
  • Safe to use
  • Convenient and ready to use

These wipes are suitable for use on...

  • Safety glasses
  • Prescription glasses
  • Goggles
  • Face shields
  • Visors
  • Glass
  • Mirrors

View the Fog Stop Optix Wipes Data Sheet.

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