Moto-Skiveez, Adventure Skiveez Briefs

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Moto-Skiveez Adventure Skiveez are developed for a riding position where the knee drops over the seat and below the hip joint. This riding position places additional weight-bearing and pressure in the area of the inner thighs/upper groin. The ADVENTURE style motorcycle shorts are optimized to reduce chafing in this area. Check out the Moto-Skiveez range here.

Features Moto-Skiveez, Adventure Skiveez Briefs

It is comprised of a base Malinga cloth, three different types of foam and a silver ion infused covering.

  • This pad is engineered to provide comfort and functionality for a multitude of riding styles.
    • The pad is designed for the rider to move from seating to standing and shift from forward to rearward on the seat.
  • The padding in the seating area of this design has multiple densities formed with both concave and convex elliptical curves. This feature provides added comfort as the rider moves forward and back.
  • One of its primary functions is to provide comfort for long hours adventure-touring, testing the abilities of the modern dual-sport motorcycle to corner at high lean angles as well as ride off-road.
  • Additionally, this design features two padded extensions, positioned on the inner thigh of each leg.
    • These extensions have vertical padded ribs with ventilation openings. This is to counteract friction and chafing from repeated standing and seating experienced by aggressive off-road riding


      MotoSkiveez Adventure Briefs