Doubletake Enduro Mirror Kit

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The Doubletake Enduro Mirrors are virtually indestructible, fold-away mirrors for your adventure, enduro, or off-road motorcycle. You can adjust them to sit in any position you like! You will likely find they are the only mirror you'll ever need. The Doubletake Enduro Mirror offers the ultimate visibility and durability for adventure bikes and is a must-have upgrade for adventure riding both in New Zealand and around the world.

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Features of the Doubletake Enduro Mirror Kit

  • Virtually indestructible reinforced Zytel body
  • Outstanding visibility, SAE spec convex lens
  • Easy to fold or remove or swap between bikes
  • Guaranteed against breakage from manufacturer faults
  • Position Anywhere
  • Protect your controls
  • Easy to remove the mirror entirely- just loosen the RAM arm, and remove it along with the mirror.
  • Convex lens- we used SAE spec convex glass that provides a nicer field of view than a flat piece would, while retaining the ability to focus on details. 
  • Universal fit- You can easily swap the mirrors between bikes.
  • Can be positioned further out than a stock mirror, resulting in seeing more of what is behind you and less of your elbow.
  • Actual mirror width: 10.5cm

The Doubletake Enduro Mirror Kit includes

  • 1 x Mirror
  • 1 x 75mm Ram arm
  • 1 x M10 x 1.25mm thread with 2.54cm rubber mounting ball

  • NOTE: Right-hand mirrors on certain models of Yamaha, Beta, and certain KTM bikes may require a reverse thread adapter. Some models (WR250s) are factory equipped with a reverse thread adapter. Please verify if your specific bike is equipped with the reverse thread adapter on the right side before ordering

Please note: 
The warranty on this product applies to the mirror body, not the mirror glass.

Handy Tips for your Doubletake Enduro Mirrors

  • To counteract vibrations and the chance of the mirrors coming loose, we recommend using the medium-strength Abrolok Threadlok.

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