Clake Pro Lever (Hand Operation Only)

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The Clake Pro Lever (Hand Operation Only) is ideal for riders with a disability or injury affecting their right leg. The Pro Lever is an easy clutch with reduced pull combined with a hand-operated rear brake. 

Like the Clake 2, it uses Clake's special mechanism for the clutch to have a reduced pull but with no extra lever travel needed. The Pro Lever features just the one lever which first disengages the clutch, then progressively applies the rear brake.
In any situation where less rear brake is wanted, a simple sideways pressure on the lever automatically reduces application of the rear brake. The ergonomics of this lever ensure that riders can start experiencing the many benefits of the Pro Lever within minutes.

The Pro Lever is fully adjustable through a range of profiled cams, and also greatly reduces stalling – any time you use the rear brake the clutch is automatically disengaged and it has become a popular alternative to auto-clutches for riders who still want to have full control over their clutch.

Features of the Clake Pro Lever (Hand Operation Only)

  • Even simpler operation than the Clake Two.
  • Ability to easily reduce the amount of rear brake by applying inward pressure to the lever.
  • Easy clutch for less arm pump, single finger use and better grip on the bars.
  • Anti-stall as the clutch disengages before the rear brake applies.
  • Right leg off the peg for stability when braking into right-hand corners.
  • Your right foot maintains optimum footpeg position regardless of braking.
  • Leaning the bike over in tight turns over does not affect rear brake access.
  • Effortless transition from rear brake slide to a power slide exit from corners.
  • Much easier to cover the rear brake during wheelies and prevent flipping.
  • Easier rear brake access on steep downhills.
  • More control for advanced techniques such pivot turns.
  • Starts on steep uphills are easier with both feet on the ground.
  • Rear brake access when in deep ruts and tight spaces.
  • Ability to apply the rear brake when off the bike e.g. bulldogging downhill.
  • Brake control kept even if the foot is knocked off the peg e.g. a tank slapper.
  • No stalling if rear brake applied during a jump to bring the front end down.
  • No stalling or weighting the right peg by jabbing the pedal in panic stops.
  • Suitable for beginners starting and stopping with both feet on the ground.

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