Spectro SAE 10W 50 Full Synthetic Engine Oil

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Platinum Full Synthetic is the ultimate synthetic engine lubricant. Smoother shifting, reduced friction, increased horsepower, highest shear stability. For street or track. 

Spectro Golden 4 Offroad Synthetic Blend is formulated with premium-grade synthetics, high-density petroleum base stocks, special shear-stable polymers and the most advanced detergent-dispersant-anti-wear package available.

Exceeds all known motorcycle manufacturer’s warranty requirements:

  • Provide a dramatic reduction in internal friction
  • Dramatically increase throttle response and horsepower
  • Keeps motorcycle crankcases clean.
  • Prolongs engine and transmission life.
  • Provides smooth and quiet shifting.
  • Recommended for use in all four-stroke competition and street vehicles.
  • Meets API SL and JASO MA quality requirements