SKF Fork Mud Scrapers

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SKF Fork Mud Scrapers reduce seal contamination under severe conditions. The mud scraper kit consists of a pair of ready-to-install scrapers made with a new, smart design and SKF ECOPUR low friction plastic material.

Click the link for a list of bikes compatible with 48 mm WHITE POWER FORKS.

Features of the SKF Fork Mud Scrapers

  • Effectively cleans dried mud from fork's outer tube.
  • Increased fork seal life and performance by reducing wear.
  • Designed to operate with a long stroke at high speed.
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection.
  • Withstands UV light, heavy contamination.
  • Easy assembly when needed for muddy conditions, can be installed 'in the field' without fork or wheel removal.
  • Enhanced performance of the fork due to reduced contamination penetrating fork seals.
  • Sold as a pair.

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