Sidi Crossfire 2 Boots

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The Italian construction and expertise produce a boot that will last. 

Dual Flex System Upper.

The Crossfire2 maintains the key feature of the Sidi Flex system, with its two articulated joints.

  • The lower one, on the ankle, improves leg flexation and allows for a more natural and correct position on the footpegs.
  • The upper pivot, on the bootleg, improves the boots flexibility and the adjustment of the bootleg itself. In this way, the rider can adjust the boot strap at the calf to his personal preference and achieve an improved fit.

Micro-Adjustable and Replaceable Buckle System.

There are four micro adjustable buckle closures, with indented memory-regulation straps.

  • The buckles, straps and retaining clips are easily replaceable.
  • The buckles have one fixing point (by a screw) which allows them to be easily replaced.

Once adjusted correctly the Crossfire2 fits like a glove.


Adjustable Calf System

This has been improved so it now measures 56cm in diameter to allow for even larger calves. This is achieved through the inner double adjustment.

Other improvements have been in the fit for New Zealand feet with a slightly wider foot but keeping its low profile toe design to make gear shifting easier. This is the reason Sidi uses a non-bootie design. Booties make the foot area larger and cumbersome by adding to the boot's thickness plus they retain heat.

There is improved ventilation in the calf area and down the back of the boot.  

Finally, the CE marking on every boot means the boot has been independently tested and it conforms to all of the manufacturer’s obligations with regards EU directives.