Sidi Atojo SRS Boots

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Brand new for 2020 is the Sidi Atojo SRS. The Atojo is designed to be light, sleek and give the rider excellent bike control.

The Sidi Atojo SRS name is an acronym based on three of Sidi's world-dominating MX riders - "A" for Alessandro Lupino, "TO" for Tony Cairoli and "JO" for Jorge Prado. Working together they have managed to create a boot that perfectly manages protection, durability and comfort whilst maintaining the lightest weight possible. How lightweight, you ask? The Atojo SRS boots are 1 pound (450 grams) lighter per boot than Sidi's Crossfire 3 boots!

The Atojo has a dual ankle hinge, with one hinge above the ankle and one below. It has ankle support bracing inside the boot that is designed to prevent hyperextension of the ankle, instep and Achilles tendon. 3 hyperextension systems are built into the boot including an innovative system made with a replaceable insert on the front of the boot that allows a specific amount of tibia movement and freezes if bending is excessive. Rubber inserts along the suede and plastic inner shin provide grip on the bike. The sole is replaceable via 4 bolts.  

NOTE: We only stock certain sizes, and while we can get other sizes for you there may be a slight (2-3 days) wait. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail.


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