Redverz Atacama/Solo Garage Ground Sheet

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Redverz Atacama/Solo Garage Ground Sheet. We highly recommend using a footprint, a custom-cut groundsheet designed specifically for the floor plan of your tent.

Please note: The "sleeping bay" groundsheet and "garage" groundsheet for the Atacama Expedition Tent are two different, distinct cloths of different sizes to fit perfectly in each designated area. 

Perfectly fitted to the garage measurements and layout, the garage footprint is clipped beneath the entrance of the inner tent and extends fully to clip at the opposite end of the garage.

  • The garage footprint keeps condensation down, allows campers to move freely from one area of the tent to another without the need for shoes
  • Keeps high traffic areas tidy.
  • The area provides a clean surface where you can change clothes, or fold and roll your tent.
  • Weight: 170g
  • With "Garage" imprinted directly on the garage area footprint, there is no confusion as to which groundsheet belongs where.
  • Sold Separately - Groundsheets (footprints) are optional 

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