ProShot GoPro Camera Mount

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The ProShot GoPro Camera Mount will mount to any camera that has a GoPro compatible mounting system.  

This mount is much easier to mount and ride with compared to the chest harness, especially if you are wearing a hydration pack.

Features of the ProShot GoPro Camera Mount

  • The best view being central on the bike shows the bars and control.
  • The most stable video being on the helmet.
  • Removes the possibility of tipping your camera backwards on the top of your helmet
  • Removes the possibility of turning your camera sideways on the side of your helmet
  • The safest way to mount a camera on your helmet, no side mounting to hit branches and pull your helmet around.
  • The safest way to mount a camera on your helmet, no top mounting to hit branches and tipping your head back.
  • The easiest way to make sure you are recording, so you don’t miss that awesome bank you just rode up
  • The audible record and stop record beeps are much easier to hear being in the front of your helmet
  • The audio quality of talking while riding is much better.
  • Swapping the camera between helmets is fast and simple.
  • You will never lose your camera without knowing as you will hear and see it come off in the event of crunch up.


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